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  • Robert Stines

Excerpt - "Privacy" Doesn't Equal "Security"

From Corporate Compliance Insights

On November 21, Corporate Compliance Insights published an article I wrote. Here is an excerpt:

With the weekly reports of cyber events and data breaches, cybersecurity is a trending topic. While the concern is warranted, there is some confusion between information privacy and information security. Just because information is private does not necessarily mean it is secure. Executives, compliance professionals and IT departments need to understand the difference and take necessary measures to secure private data in the cyber age.

With the recent rash of data breaches and cyber incidents, companies and individuals alike are understandably concerned about cybersecurity. In a world where consumers are more aware of personal information being collected for financial gain, yet security of this information is almost an afterthought, a data breach can ruin a company’s reputation and financial reports.

The weekly reports of data breaches have resulted in privacy and cybersecurity being on everyone’s lips, yet people do not realize that there is a difference between the two concepts. While the two may overlap, it is important for executives and compliance departments to understand the difference and how the law applies to each.

For the complete article click here.

~ Florida Cyber Lawyer - Robert Stines, Esq., CIPP.

Robert Stines


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