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Robert Stines
~Florida CyberSec Lawyer

I am an attorney focused on privacy, data protection, digital forensics and cybersecurity.

A partner at Smith Gambrell RussellI am also a former military intelligence analyst in the Unites States Army. A true "renaissance man," I have a background in the creative arts industry and a bachelors of fine arts from New York University. My juris doctor is from Stetson University College of Law. I am also a certified information privacy professional, and have a Master of Science in Cybersecurity with a focus on digital forensics from University of South Florida. I also have a Black-Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have competed internationally.

I'm fascinated with emerging technologies and how the law will react to or impact society's journey into the cyber/digital age. With advances such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things, there is little doubt that technology will push the world into a digital revolution.   

This blog expresses my opinions and does not necessarily reflect the views of my firm, my clients, or any of their respective affiliates.
This blog is for general information purposes and is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal advice.  If you need legal advice, call me ;-)

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