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Excerpt - Professional Liability in Information Technology

IT Business Net recently published an article I wrote. Here are some excerpts:

We are in the Cyber Age. We rely on the internet and networked devices to engage in commerce, exchange information, and conduct business.  Even legal professionals rely on the internet to eFile documents with courts, engage in eDiscovery, and conduct research. Information technology (IT) departments, or managed service providers, are now critical to the successes of almost all organizations, whether they are in the public or private sectors. Similar to our access to roads and electricity, our access to the internet and stored information is a critical component of modern infrastructure and commerce.

Our reliance on the internet and connected devices creates a companion reliance on IT technicians, software developers, and computer scientists.  This begs the question: Should we consider individuals who specialize in IT as "service providers" with commensurate standards and expectations, or should we consider them "professionals" with all the obligations attendant to such a designation? 

This is not simply an academic question. There are significant consequences to being considered a professional in a highly connected world that relies heavily on IT practitioners. Today, people are accustomed to technology products being rushed to market with glitches, security holes, and compatibility issues. But an IT professional may have a duty to provide the public with better products and services, which may include software that is more secure and not as vulnerable to data breaches.


For the complete article clicker here.

~ Robert Stines, Florida Cyber Lawyer

Florida Cyber Lawyer
Robert Stines, Esq. CIPP


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